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Dazzle Delight Knot Wrap

100% organic cotton, 70cmx70cm
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A kaleidoscopic Knot Wrap design that bursts with dazzling geometric patterns and typography, reflecting the warm feelings conjured while spending time with those you love. Featuring a design created by Andre Williams from Trifle Studio, this Knot Wrap is made from 100% organic cotton grown and ginned in Madhya Pradesh, India. The cotton is then sent further south to Tamil Nadu where it is spun and woven. The fabric is then screen printed by artisans at a traditional Sari printer, where colours are matched by eye by an ink mixing master. The Knot Wraps are then finally sewn by a proprietorship with a social cause, supporting the artisan community and empowering women.

How to use:
Use as a reusable gift wrap, or as a carrier for your items- lunch box, groceries, shopping, you name it! Our Knot Wraps are also beautiful to wear as accessories on your bags or as a head wrap. You can even hang them up as decorative wall tapestries.