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Lush Classics

5 of our classic perfumes housed in a box wrapped in our Recycled bottle knot wrap fabric. The fabric comes in 5 designs that will be randomly provided when you purchase. Included perfumes are spray type, and are 10ml each.
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Scents from the heart of Lush

Our perfumers see making fragrance as an art form, a way to express themselves, tell powerful stories and evoke an emotional response. Experience this for yourself by spritzing with the finest essential oils.

Whether it’s regenerative tonka from the Amazon or rose absolute from a permaculture garden in Pakistan. The last ingredient of each perfume is your skin.

The covering for each box is made from a Recycled bottle knot wrap fabric and can be one of the five designs, Lush Life, Vintage Butterflies, Garden Party, Daisy, Emma, which will be provided randomly.

How to use:
Spritz all over the body whenever you like, focusing on pulse points for longer-lasting scent.

How to store:
All Lush perfumes are invented by us and made by hand with the finest essential oils. Please keep them cool and out of direct sunlight.