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A LUSH Career: Full-Time Sales Ambassador

The Details

Location: You will work in one shop, which will be your usual place of work. From time to time, whereby other shops require additional manpower, your manager could assign you to work at the respective shop for a particular shift.

Hours: You are contracted to work 44 hours per week over five days. Shifts will be allocated based on the shop’s needs, at your Shop Manager’s discretion. In the case whereby you are required to work beyond your contracted 44 hours per week, you will be reimbursed with overtime pay.

Your Customers

Our customers are at the heart of our business and we want to create the ultimate Lush experience. Ensure you remain customer-focused at all times, making their shopping experience your top priority. A keen awareness of the shop floor is necessary to understand where each customer is in their journey and how you can contribute to their 5* in-store experience.

We ask insightful questions to uncover the right products for each customer, and showcase them through engaging product demonstrations. Support their buying decisions by asking questions to confirm interest and secure sales. Give shop tours through intelligent link sales, create bespoke routines and provide pampering sit down consultations as part of your daily work.

As a Lush Sales Ambassador, you are also a brand ambassador. When interacting with customers, celebrate our brand values with them. Our naked products, inspiring campaigns, Charity Pot; there's so much that you can share! Our values also extend to how we care for our customers; a well-timed Random Act of Kindness can really lift them up and make their day.

Communication is central to a successful shop floor. Utilise the check-in conversations, direction and delegation you are given by your management team. They're on the shop floor to guide and support you in delivering the best customer experience possible.

Your Shop & Team

Ensure your shop is well looked after. Keep the shop floor clean, tidy, & well merchandised and your stock fresh for our customers, and all back of house areas as clean, safe, and pleasant as you can for the team.

Where company-wide procedures and policies exist, you should ensure you and your team work within these parameters. This includes working to deadlines when set by the wider business as well as any company-wide policies stated in the Employee Handbook.

You are a key element of an exciting, dynamic team. As you progress with your knowledge and skills, make sure you pass this knowledge on to newer members of the team and share your experience. Everyone can support the development of everyone else.

Attendance is mandatory for monthly shop meetings and all trainings scheduled by your Shop Manager. From time to time, you may be asked to take on additional tasks to support the team and business, such as receiving shipment, taking inventory, social media or visual merchandising.

Encourage, respect and look after one another. Hold each other up so that your place of work is a supportive environment.

Your Development

You are responsible for your own development. Create your own career goals, and ensure you’re on the right path. Regularly assess your own performance and where there are gaps in your knowledge or skill, work out the best way to move forward.

Routinely seek out the development you feel you need from your management team, so they can tailor-make learning opportunities for you and understand your career goals. Utilise any feedback, coaching, meetings and reviews that you receive – they all exist to develop your skills.

If you feel you will be a perfect fit for LUSH Singapore, please email your resume to Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.