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Zig Zag

47cm X 47cm, recycled PET
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Be vibrant

Rays of sunshine, the grass and trees gently swaying in the wind, blazing eat and dynamic rythms that connect us all. This Knot Wrap inspired by traditional African textiles is made from recycled bottles and can help bring your gift together in harmony. Convey hope and happiness with this vibrant Knot Wrap while also saving the planet one gift at a time.

Use and reuse as often as you like and in a multitude of ways from gift wrapping to hair styling and reduce waste in the most stylish way possible.

How to use:
Use as a reusable gift wrap, or as a carrier for your items- lunch box, groceries, shopping, you name it! Our Knot Wraps are also beautiful to wear as accessories on your bags or as a head wrap. You can even hang them up as decorative wall tapestries.